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Free Things to Do in New York has been a resource for New York citizens and travelers alike since June 1, 2009, with popular topics on all the latest free things to do in New York.  Free New York provides information on free museums, free events, free attractions,  free concerts, free kid’s events, free comedy, free festivals, free music, free stuff, free drinks, free food, and more. We have developed the site to allow locals and visitors both to have the best possible information about free things to do in the city, the best city in the world!

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Free Things to Do in New York is one of the most popular and fastest growing “go-to” sites in New York for free and low-cost things to do in the city and great deals and savings.   Contact us at steve  AT northlightpartners ***   DOT  ***   com

Leader in the industry

  • Mentioned as a top five New York-centric site
  • Mentioned on numerous media outlets as the main site to go to for free things to do in New York
  • Articles are frequently linked to at ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX local affiliates
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  • 600,000+ page views, 150,000+ unique visits in an average month
  • ranking: 62,604
  • Over 10k feed subscribers

Meet our readers

Free Things to Do in New York readers are young, well educated professionals who know the value of their hard-earned cash and wants to spend it wisely. They are net-savvy trendsetters eager to try out beneficial products and services.

  • 60% Female
  • 35% 18-34
  • 36% 35-49
  • 77% College graduates or higher
  • 52% Own home
  • HHI: 18% $50K-$74K; 17% $75K-99K; 23% over $100K

Our readers rely on us to help them get good deals and make good and purchasing decisions.

  • 95% are likely to purchase online in the next 6 months
  • 89% are likely to share their views about products and services with their friends


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We have a popular Coupons and Deals section and daily newsletter for readers. In addition, sponsorships are available for our daily newsletter. If you’re interested in these sponsorship or advertising opporunities here, please contact us at steve  AT northlightpartners ***   DOT  ***   com


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We have loads of ideas on how best to get your message to our readers (without making them mad).  We look forward to answering your questions and helping you craft a campaign that will maximize your ROI.

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Target Audience
Visitors of Free Things to Do In New York are typically adults ranging between 21 and 44 in age. The majority of readers are New York citizens looking for things to buy, places to stay and good low-cost events in the city with the rest being visitors to New York, and surburbanites.


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Free Things is the go-to site for free event and things to do in New York, as evidenced by our 150,000+ visits a month. We have  7,500+ twitter followers and more than 12,000 get our daily email newsletter featuring the latest daily deals and freebies in New York.



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