Free Cider Week Events in New York – October 21-30

Free Cider Week Events in New York – October 21-30

Come out and enjoy Cider Week in New York from October 21-30— Cider Week NYC celebrates craft cider by increasing its presence in top restaurants, bars, and retail shops across New York City. serves as a central hub for the cider-centric tastings, dinners, classes and more taking place during Cider Week, from October 21 through October 30, 2016.   There are many types of apples (Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Granny Smith), but the best variation of everyone’s favorite autumnal fruit is clearly the fermented kind. And for seven glorious days, you can guzzle bushels of the good stuff at more than 50 bars and restaurants in NYC and indulge in free tastings, events and workshops at popular drinking dens such as Chelsea Wine Vault and Craftbar.  Check out this list of events,  or look at their Facebook page


The word “CIDER” means fermented apple juice, as the word “WINE” means fermented grape juice.

Quick U.S. Cider Background
Cider is another old beverage renewed in our day. It was made, stored, and consumed all over the U.S from early times. But eventually, Temperance politics and Prohibition ended legal sales. Apple growers had to replace their cider orchards with “Apple Pie orchards”. Bitter, sour, weird apples that could make great cider lost all value in the States.

The Beer Mix-Up
But real cider is not brewed. There’s no grain, no cooking, and no fast route to high quality. Serious cider is all apple juice, pressed from superior cider varieties. It represents the land that grew that fruit. It takes time and patience. Great beer can be made in weeks; great cider, not.

The Color Confusion
The most complex cider is tannic, like red wine. Its gold color means people tend to chill it. But serious cider from the right fruit deserves to be tasted at about 60F. Also, cider tannins offer antioxidant effects, but with far less alcohol than red wine.



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