Free New York Concert by Jamison Ross on Oct 1

Free New York Concert by Jamison Ross on Oct 1

Come out to Madison Square Park, on October 1 for a FREE concert to hear the refreshing and invigorating sounds of Jamison Ross — the epitome of soul. A composer, arranger, vocalist and drummer, Jamison combines his gifts to present a unique offering to the worlds of Funk, Gospel and Jazz. His Grammy-nominated debut release, Jamison, takes listeners on a musical journey that unifies his drumming abilities and vocal gifting.

As the winner of the 2012 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Drums competition and former drummer in the band of the great vocalist Carmen Lundy, Jamison Ross has surely mastered the drumming basics set down by his predecessors and is now among a new generation of jazz drummers who are poised for greatness. On his debut album for Concord Jazz titled Jamison, he showcases his talents as a drummer/composer/singer on 12 tracks that are infused with jazz, blues and soul. Jamison also features a group of energetic musicians including guitarist Rick Lollar, bassist Corcoran Holt, saxophonist Dayve Stewart, pianist Chris Pattishall, organist Cory Irvin and trumpeter Alphonso Horne III. Pianist Jonathan Batiste guests on four tracks.


Jamison Ross recognizes and celebrates such songwriters as: Muddy Waters on “Deep Down in Florida,” where Ross brightens the rhythm and tempo with a roots informed groove; Louis Savary on his soul-jazz classic “Sack Full of Dreams;” Cedar Walton on “Martha’s Prize;” and Eddie Harris/Les McCann on their 1971 hit “Set Us Free.” He also pays tribute to Guy Wood and Robert Mellin with an updated version of their lovely ballad “My One and Only Love” and to his former employer, Carmen Lundy, with an excellent cover of her composition titled “These Things You Are To Me.” During each of these performances, Jamison and his band mates have a wide-reaching ripple effect that is distributed expertly and evenly as an ensemble. Their dynamics, timing, grooves and melodies are synced and supportive. The music speaks as clearly as Ross’ vocals which are as enjoyable as his drumming.

October 1, 2016 | 3:00 pm | Madison Ave and E 23rd St | New York, NY | All Ages | FREE!

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