Free YOGA classes in New York City

Storm Yoga, a nonprofit that runs free classes in New York‘s Central Park, wants to make outdoor yoga accessible to all: The classes are free, but yogis are encouraged to make a donation to a local charity that  runs yoga programs for under served communities.   There’s nothing like balancing in Tree Pose, humbled and inspired by the real thing all around you with the trees, wind and sky as you practice.   And across the country, yogis are busting out of the studio and onto the fields, parks, and lawns.

Their mission is premised upon an ideology of two essential components.


The state of being free from tension and anxiety is fundamental for a healthy and balanced state of mind.  All negative emotions arise from a state of tension and resistance.  Only when we relax and accept the world as it is do we open up to our deep stores of creative potential free of the filth that typically obscures our view of what is possible for ourselves.  This is the fertile ground from which we can begin to construct a healthy lifestyle, set of beliefs, and personal goals.


After we have an experience of peace and purpose, once we have a vision for ourselves, the capacity we use to actualize that vision is focus.  We must be able to tune out the irrelevant stimuli and drive our minds onto a single point of activity or interest.  Powerful focus allows us to wrestle our dreams into the world and maintain a healthy state of being.


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