Free Concert: Esmee Denters in New York on October 9th

Come on out for a FREE acoustic concert! by Esmee Denters on Saturday Oct 9th New York, at Bloomingdales on 59th street, . The free concert will get going at 2pm and will be a full two-hour set as she plays off ehre debut albumends @4pm.esmee denters free concert in NYC

Esmée Denters is undoubtedly on her way to musical stardom, with her debut album filled with songs she co-wrote with a host of top-notch hit-making producers. Esmée is one of the first artists signed to Justin Timberlake’s Interscope imprint Tennman Records, but a mere two years ago, this Dutch 20-year-old was just a pancake house waitress with a webcam and a dream.
It may have been her YouTube popularity that led Timberlake to seek out Esmée six months after her videos began to appear online, but it was her silky, soulful voice, natural charisma, and songwriting talent that sold him on signing her to his label, executive producing and co-producing the majority of her debut album. Timberlake, Chairman/CEO of Tennman Records says, “One of the reasons I started my label was to be able to discover and mentor new talent, and it’s been a great experience guiding Esmée’s development. I’ve been producing her in the studio and working with some other great collaborators on her album, and I’ve seen her writing go to another level. Some people have it and some people don’t – but this girl’s the real deal!”

In the summer of 2007, Justin and Esmée began to write songs together. “Sometimes I would come up with a title and he would suggest a melody,” Esmée says, “or I would come up with a melody and he’d suggest some lyrics. There were no rules.” Timberlake also lined up an impressive list of noted songwriters and producers to collaborate with him and Esmée, such as Polow Da Don (Usher, Ciara), Stargate (Rihanna, Ne-Yo), esmee denters concert in new yorkOneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder (Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield), and Toby Gad (Beyoncé, Fergie).

The result is an edgy, soulful pop-R&B set that Esmée says “truly reflects who I am as a person. It really sounds like me.” The first single, “Outta Here” is a hybrid of urban beats, pop lyrics and rock attitude, which Esmée explains is “a powerful song with a catchy melody, and above all, it has a strong message that says when someone treats you bad, just get out of that situation and think about yourself first.” The playful, doo-wop-laced “Eyes For You,” the sassy, retro-vibed “Admit It,” and the feisty, urban-flavored anthems “Love Dealer,” and “Victim” capture the side of Esmée “who wants to go out and dance and have fun,” while two beat-driven ballads, the acoustic-flavored “Just Can’t Have It” and the epic-sounding, string-laden “Gravity,” show “that I can also sing about serious stuff.” “Gravity,” which Esmée co-wrote with Timberlake and Timbaland producer protégé Hannon Lane, is about “being in love with somebody who’s bringing you down when you really want to fly,” she says. “I think everyone can relate to the lyrics in that song.”

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