Free LaSagna on National Lasagna Day – July 29

I wonder if you knew that National Lasagna Day occurs on July 29. Well several great restaurants know that date well and are offering FREE LASAGNA and other discounts that day.

Free Lasagnafree lasagna - national lasagna day

Free Lasagna – Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo is getting in on the holiday fun by offering free lasagna to customers. If you stop by participating Buca di Beppo restaurants, you’ll get a free lunch-sized portion of lasagna when you purchase a Buca small or large pasta or entree. You may want to RSVP online or by phone before you go, as it’s a popular promotion. During its celebration last year, Buca di Beppo marked National Lasagna Day by giving away over more than 18,000 pounds of Lasagna, approximately the same weight as nine Italian-made Fiat automobiles.

50% Off Lasagna

Spaghetti Warehouse Lasagna–Diners won’t find free lasagna this year at Spaghetti Warehouse but they are heavily discounting (for $4.99), their famous 15-layer lasagna, garden salad, and choice of soup. That’s only about half the price of what the entrée is normally offered for on the menu. The discounted meal will be available all day. The offer is only valid when dining in and presenting this couponClick here to see if there is a restaurant in your neck of the woods.

History of Lasagna

The origins of lasagna date back to the 1st century B.C. where a food called “lagana” was a common meal consisting of fine sheets of fried dough. In the 2nd century Athenaeus of Naucratis, a Greek scholar, provided a recipe for lagana that was made with sheets of wheat-flour dough and the juice of crushed lettuce, then flavored with spices and deep-fried in oil. An early 5th century cookbook describes a dish called lagana that consisted of layers of dough with meat stuffing, a possible ancestor of modern-day Lasagna, though the first concrete information concerning pasta products in Italy dates from the thirteenth or fourteenth century. The word “lagana” survives today in modern-day Greece to denote an unleavened, flat bread eaten during the Great Lent.

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